23 Truths everyone should know before dying

end_of_the_linePrior to understanding these 23 truths I was only “clipping” the “Redemption coupon” out of the Bible and clinging to it as some kind of free “fire insurance.” I never realized that this short jaunt through the Bible was all anyone needed to understand exactly why God created mankind, and why mankind can only be restored to fellowship with God from rebellion, and go to heaven this way. And to think that I was once fooled into thinking I would somehow make it to heaven because I was a decent person who went to church, and even read the Bible. And that’s the most dangerous place in the world to be. Continue reading

Is ‘sharing Jesus’ enough?

couponAs a Christian I know that my mission in life is to “make disciples of all nations,” and I’m pretty excited about it! But evangelism, witnessing, sharing my faith, sharing Jesus – whatever you want to call it – can seem like a scary thing. That’s why I love Bill Fay’s Share Jesus Without Fear! But even with tat resource I realized that one of the reasons I was so uneasy about evangelism was because I only ever knew two classic approaches. I never knew critical part of the gospel message that most would-be evangelists don’t know they are leaving out. Continue reading

The most dangerous place in the world can be a church

gargoyleI’ve attended church most of my life. So I’ve probably been exposed to enough Biblical knowledge to at least qualify for an Associate’s Degree in divinity! But all that knowledge could have easily been part of one of the devil’s most sinister and eternally destructive tactics. Continue reading