I wish I had written this

michelangeloThis is an excerpt from a sermon by David Platt called The Sufficiency of Christ. It is part of a series called Threads. When I heard this I was so impressed and excited by the way God inspired David to make such a loving plea for faith in Him. I just had to transcribe it and post it here. I plan to commit this to memory so I can articulate it those who believe that there is no God, or that there there is more than one way to God. This is beautiful. Continue reading

I might as well never leave the house

aloneThere are two ways to live life: Strategically or Tactically. They aren’t mutually exclusive but I’ve erroneously tended to focus more on Tactics because the natural tendency when bullets fly is to dive for cover. That’s a Tactic, but it won’t win a war. It’s your Strategy that matters in life. And I have one that wins. Continue reading