I wish I had written this

michelangeloThis is an excerpt from a sermon by David Platt called The Sufficiency of Christ. It is part of a series called Threads. When I heard this I was so impressed and excited by the way God inspired David to make such a loving plea for faith in Him. I just had to transcribe it and post it here. I plan to commit this to memory so I can articulate it those who believe that there is no God, or that there there is more than one way to God. This is beautiful.

Imagine that there is a God, which as at least possible. Anybody would admit that it’s possible that God exists. If I’m going to say that something does not exist then that means I have to have searched out all possibilities that it does exist. And that’s the only way you can say you know it doesn’t exist. So if you were to say God does not exist that means you have to have searched all knowledge to see if God exists. And if you have searched all knowledge then that means you have all knowledge, and by definition that makes you God, and you deny your own divinity with your own statement that there is no God. So at least it’s possible that in the knowledge that exists out there that there is a God. So let’s just start there.

Imagine – and I know that this is a big “imagine” for many – but imagine that there is a God who is infinitely good, and infinitely loving, and all that is love and all that is good is summed up in this God.

And imagine that this God created a world full of trees and hills and mountains and valleys and seas and oceans and skies and stars and plants and animals to display His beauty and His grandeur. And imagine that after creating all these things that He created a man and a women; He breathed life into them. And He said, “You are My prized creation over and above everything else I’ve created. I’ve created you to reflect My image so you might know Me and enjoy Me. Walk with me, and experience My love on a moment-by-moment, day-by-day basis forever.”

And imagine this Creator said to His creation, “If you turn against Me, if you disobey Me you will experience death. But I don’t want you to experience death, I want you to experience life forever with Me!” And imagine this creation says, “Yes!” But then one day, for no just reason, this creation decides, Our Creator doesn’t know what’s best for us. He’s not good. And so, for no jut reason they disobey Him, and turn away from Him.

And imagine this Creator comes to His creation and says, “I told you that if you did that you would experience death.” But imagine that this Creator had in motion a plan to make it possible for this creation to still live forever with Him.

Imagine that this Creator took some of the people that He had created, and called them to Himself, and said, “I’m going to show My blessing and My grace and My mercy upon you in a way that you will make My blessing known to all the peoples of the earth so that everyone knows My goodness through a relationship with you being a conduit of My blessing to all the earth.”

And imagine that this created group of people – they’re called Israel in the Old Testament – said, “Yes! We will follow You! We will worship You!” And they enter into almost like a marriage relationship with the Creator – a covenant with the Creator that says, “We will follow You. We will worship you. We will fulfill Your purposes in creation for Your glory, and the spread of Your goodness.” But imagine this people, just as soon as they had said, “Yes, we’re with you,” – almost like it was the day after the wedding night – they turn aside from their Creator, and say, “We’re going to worship other gods instead of You.” And they bow down and the worship golden calves and other idols that they fashion with their own hands instead of their Creator.

And imagine, after that, this Creator sending messengers to this people – messengers that bring news of His mercy and His grace and His love, saying, “If you will turn from your sin and yourselves, and you will trust in the Creator He will forgive your sins; He will remember them no more; He will bring you back to himself.” And imagine this creation taking these messengers from the Creator, and imprisoning them, stoning them, sawing them in half.

Imagine, after all of that, this Creator, committing the ultimate act of condescension, and becoming a part of Creation Himself – living among His creation, loving His creation, healing His creation, bringing good news of the Creator’s love and mercy – for anyone who turns from their sin, and trusts in the Creator’s love will be restored to the Creator. And imagine the creation taking the Creator Himself in the flesh, and mocking Him, beating Him, scourging Him, spitting in His face, and nailing Him to a cross in the most cruel form of execution they could imagine.

And imagine, that in light of all of that, this Creator saying to anyone in all of creation, “If you will simply believe and trust in the love that I have for you I will forgive you of all your sins; I will remove them all; I will wipe the slate clean; no matter who you are or what you’ve done I will wipe the slate clean if you will simply trust in My love for you and what I did.”

Now if that’s the story then doesn’t it seem a bit bold to look into the face of this Creator and say, “Why only one way?! I thought you were loving! Couldn’t You be more creative than that?!”

When you see the whole story you realize that the question is not, why is there only one way? The question is, why is there any way at all?

And you realize that the issue is not how many ways there are anyway. If there were a thousand ways we’d want a thousand and one. The issue is not how many ways there are; the issue is our autonomy. We want to make our own way to God, and the beauty of the gospel is that God has made His way to us.

How did that impact you?

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