Bridging the gap through today’s fog to tomorrow’s dreams

fog-267978_1920 It’s not a “10 Steps” gimmick. This works for everyone. No exceptions. And it’s the easiest thing ever.

Human beings long for meaning and purpose. Many of us spend our lives searching for it. Maybe you’ve already found it. Others seem sure of God’s purpose for them. Maybe things are good but not great. Is there more? you wonder.

Whether you’re crystal clear about these things or lost in a fog, there’s a way to be certain you get everything you were wired to want in life.

Hit the lights!

Start by studying the Bible and developing a prayer life. (The former fuels the latter, by the way.) Two things will happen: You’ll begin to know God and you’ll learn character.

Many are groping in darkness, dreaming of a day when their questions will be answered. Here it is: Stop trying to figure out where God is leading you. The only thing He will explain to you is Himself.

And the fitness of your character determines whether or not truth can even be revealed to you.

Approach God and His light illuminates your surroundings, like the rising sun brightens the earth. Vision!

But light also exposes something else.

Sin — it’s power is to blind us to the answers we need. It keeps us in the dark. Trouble is we all have this terrible power within us to hold back the sunrise over our lives.

God’s light makes visible the true desires of our heart, which He Himself hid there. It also reveals your next step.


God has revealed the true desire of my heart: I am a writer.

Writing is the ‘one thing’ which answers all of the questions posed in John Acuff’s book Quitter:

  1. I love it enough to do it for free.
  2. It causes time to shift. The clock disappears. I even have to remind myself to stop to eat.
  3. I love it regardless of the opinions of others.
  4. If it only changes my life that would be enough.
  5. It’s the one pattern I can spot in my life. I’ve always gravitated toward writing throughout my entire life and career in some for or fashion.

Here’s a great excerpt from Quitter if you want to check out the 5 questions everyone should ask in search of their ‘one thing.’

Avoiding sunstroke

Realizing our God-given desires and seeing a step in the long-awaited right direction toward those desires is energizing. But intense light can be blinding and disorienting.

God brings us into His light slowly — like a sunrise — so we’re not beguiled by the glory of what’s ahead.

Gaping at the big picture we’d rush madly toward the adventures and flee in a panic from the adversities. We need character to handle both. Character takes time.

Misinterpreting vision

Misinterpreting vision

Here’s the problem . It’s a mountaintop experience. You see your true desires;  you glimpse the future; your pistons start popping. [Screeeech!]

God gives us a vision for what He wants us to be, not what He wants us to do.

The vision I saw in the light was that I’m a writer. Ok, great! But as Henry Blackaby writes in Experiencing God, “Don’t just do something. Stand there!”

God has to take us back into the valley to hammer us into shape for the vision so He can trust us with it. In essence, we become the vision.

Sure. I’ve foolishly tried to rush toward my concept of what the fog-shrouded future might look like. And I’ve stolen more than a little time from family, friends, employers, prayer, and Bible study to do it.

The result is drifting from God’s light and stunting your spiritual growth. The fog rolls in. You get lost. Life becomes disappointing again.

All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things. You are reckless! – Yoda

Don’t do that!

“Whatever your hand finds to do [TODAY], do it with your might.” (Ecc 9:10). And be “faithful over few things” so God can “set [you] over much.” (Matt 25:23).

Seeing the light (too late)

God wastes no experience in our lives. We don’t know how enormously useful today’s lessons will be tomorrow. Glorify God in every circumstance He engineers for you. I confess that I’ve squandered many opportunities. Have you?

Be obedient where you are. Allow God’s power to flow through you to others.

If you’re just now seeing the light on this it’s not too late. Obey God today. It’s essential for receiving the desires of your heart. And you might just be surprised where it takes you!

Everything illuminated!

Bridge to your futureHere’s the thing: we only need to put in half the effort.

God honors obedience. Your obedience bridges the gap through today’s fog to tomorrow’s dreams. Little do you know, God is building the other half of your bridge over on the foggy banks of a future you can’t even imagine right now!

The final plank in your bridge will fall into place out of nowhere.

Jon Acuff calls these hinge moments — “A chance encounter at the grocery store, a stranger’s random comment, one line in an article you read pushes you to a place you were not expecting to go.”

It comes when your top 3 priorities in life are God, God, and God. Show Him that you can handle the vision. That’s when bridges emerge from the mist!

My hinge moment was reading Quitter. What was yours?

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