5 Steps to align your actual life with your real desires

targetThere are very few of life’s questions that can’t be answered by following Jesus’ most simple advice. Especially the one thing everybody wants to know: How to “have life and have it abundantly.” (Jno 10:10)

What does that mean? Do you think you already have it? How can it become reality for you?


Jesus said, “Come unto Me.” (Matt 11:28)

Here’s how to respond, and what happens when you do. Continue reading

12 Simple attributes of world-changing people

moon-walk-60616_640If you could map out the “character DNA” or the formula for cloning an army of high achievers, what would it look like?

Or what if you just wanted to know what to look for in an employer or an employee? What about a spouse or a group of friends? Ok, maybe you just want to keep your own life from being absolutely meaningless. What should you look for?

Turns out that this formula is pretty simple. You probably already possess or can develop most of these attributes. And they can empower you to help change the world. Seriously!

It took me 39 years to figure out this formula. Here, I’ll save you the time. Continue reading