12 Simple attributes of world-changing people

moon-walk-60616_640If you could map out the “character DNA” or the formula for cloning an army of high achievers, what would it look like?

Or what if you just wanted to know what to look for in an employer or an employee? What about a spouse or a group of friends? Ok, maybe you just want to keep your own life from being absolutely meaningless. What should you look for?

Turns out that this formula is pretty simple. You probably already possess or can develop most of these attributes. And they can empower you to help change the world. Seriously!

It took me 39 years to figure out this formula. Here, I’ll save you the time. Start with (1) INTEGRITY because everything rises and falls on that. Next you want someone with (2) PASSION because it has an exponential multiplying effect on the skills acquired through (3) TEACHABILITY development. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing! That’s why I started with INTEGRITY; it keeps PASSION from going awry.

Next add a solid (4) WORLDVIEW — someone who understands his identity, and is intentional about how he lives with other humans. He has an abundance mentality, not a scarcity mentality. No one has to lose for him to win.

Next, (5) PURPOSE and (6) MISSION give him the “WHY?” behind his life, and a clear view of exactly what he will accomplish.

(7) VISION also has a multiplying effect. It allows people to see the world as it could be, even while trudging through what it actually is.

This person ruthlessly limits his affinities. He knows he can’t be good at everything so he doesn’t try to be into everything. He controls his (8) WHIMS in order to focus. (Ok, WHIMS aren’t really a component, more like a lack thereof.)

To all of this add (9) EXPERIENCE and (10) DEVELOPMENT. That is, learning life’s lessons combined with intentional growth in anticipation of the future.

All of this is best cultivated over (11) TIME, the one thing that just takes as long as it takes. Then when the right (12) OPPORTUNITY comes along, watch out! You’ve got a world-changer on your hands! You’ve also got someone who has found the one thing every human longs for while here on earth.

The formula looks something like this:

(((Integrity + (Teachability x Passion)) + ((Worldview + Purpose + Mission) Vision) – Whims) + (Experience + Development) / Time) + Opportunity

There are many other attributes you’d probably want — AMBITION, COMPASSION, CREATIVITY, GENEROSITY, HUMOR, KNOWLEDGE, LOYALTY, WISDOM — all integrated into this person’s DNA.

If you think this kind of thinking is silly then maybe you don’t need to spend a lot of time with this guy. You’d probably just get on each other’s nerves. There are millions of other digital personas online, stuffed with buzzwords, quotes, and trendy phrases. Many are WAY more impressive on screen than this guy. But don’t you think this persona makes a lot more sense for assessing real character and value than trying to read between the lines of what people are trying to get you to believe about them?


What else would you add to this formula?

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