I wish I had written this

michelangeloThis is an excerpt from a sermon by David Platt called The Sufficiency of Christ. It is part of a series called Threads. When I heard this I was so impressed and excited by the way God inspired David to make such a loving plea for faith in Him. I just had to transcribe it and post it here. I plan to commit this to memory so I can articulate it those who believe that there is no God, or that there there is more than one way to God. This is beautiful. Continue reading

I might as well never leave the house

aloneThere are two ways to live life: Strategically or Tactically. They aren’t mutually exclusive but I’ve erroneously tended to focus more on Tactics because the natural tendency when bullets fly is to dive for cover. That’s a Tactic, but it won’t win a war. It’s your Strategy that matters in life. And I have one that wins. Continue reading

Let’s trade in the ole ‘sinner’s prayer’ for this approach

clunkerI admit that I’m not someone who recalls the exact moment of my salvation as a glorious transformation for which the date and time is indelibly etched in my memory. In fact, I question whether I was really saved when I recited the “sinner’s prayer” as a child. It wasn’t until adulthood that my life exhibited any of the visible fruit. As a child I was simply trying to avoid hell by “clipping” the Bible’s “redemption coupon” which I thought I could redeem for free “fire insurance.” For me, the sinner’s prayer was dangerous because, in my mind, it never connected my need for a savior with God’s desire to save me, although it gave me the false sense of security that it had. Continue reading

‘Please allow me to introduce myself…’

clownAmerica is plagued by senseless acts of violence in shopping malls, movie theaters, schools, and other places where people gather. Politicians are quick to use these tragedies as a means to advance their particular ideology. One side says take away the guns; the other side claims a well armed citizenry is the best deterrent to the madness. Meanwhile Americans cry out, “When is it all going to stop?” The answer may be that it never will. And my heart breaks for grief-stricken families when I think about the obvious reason why. Continue reading

23 Truths everyone should know before dying

end_of_the_linePrior to understanding these 23 truths I was only “clipping” the “Redemption coupon” out of the Bible and clinging to it as some kind of free “fire insurance.” I never realized that this short jaunt through the Bible was all anyone needed to understand exactly why God created mankind, and why mankind can only be restored to fellowship with God from rebellion, and go to heaven this way. And to think that I was once fooled into thinking I would somehow make it to heaven because I was a decent person who went to church, and even read the Bible. And that’s the most dangerous place in the world to be. Continue reading

Is ‘sharing Jesus’ enough?

couponAs a Christian I know that my mission in life is to “make disciples of all nations,” and I’m pretty excited about it! But evangelism, witnessing, sharing my faith, sharing Jesus – whatever you want to call it – can seem like a scary thing. That’s why I love Bill Fay’s Share Jesus Without Fear! But even with tat resource I realized that one of the reasons I was so uneasy about evangelism was because I only ever knew two classic approaches. I never knew critical part of the gospel message that most would-be evangelists don’t know they are leaving out. Continue reading

The most dangerous place in the world can be a church

gargoyleI’ve attended church most of my life. So I’ve probably been exposed to enough Biblical knowledge to at least qualify for an Associate’s Degree in divinity! But all that knowledge could have easily been part of one of the devil’s most sinister and eternally destructive tactics. Continue reading

4 Fundamentals that keep life from being absolutely meaningless

army-knifeLucky you! You’ve stumbled onto my first-ever blog post. And it’s completely appropriate that it’s my first one because without getting the following 4 “fundamentals-for-life” straightened out in your head you stand a pretty good chance of the whole thing being a complete and total waste of time.

Good news! The first three are easy! The fourth one is what every human longs to know! And you can implement these into your life no matter how old you are or what season you’re in. They’ll solve a lot of problems.

Continue reading